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Privacy Policy

The Machine Co. ( The Machine, “we”,”us” or “our”), provide social media based campaigns for clients. All of our booths and machines use social media for hashtag campaigns. Our clients rent our booths for their events to give presents and print of their guests photos. Guests should post a photo or tweet with campaign hashtag  to get print or present.


Our Privacy Policy explains how we and our clients work to collect, use, share and protect information of our clients and their guests with our booths and machine services (“our services”).


By using our services you understand and agree that we are providing a platform to interact with both our clients and their guests by using their public contents.


Our Privacy Policy applies to our clients and their guests whom used our systems.


Information We Collect


Clients Information

We just use our clients name (company name) and their campaign informations like hashtag location etc. We don’t use any social media username, password, e-mail to authenticate our clients.


Guests Information ( People who use our booths and other services)


We inform all guests that we will collect their own media that they will post on instagram or other social media platform to print their media or to give some presents before they use our services.

We use guests public contents that we able to collect it by tracking the tag they used while posting media on instagram or another social media platform.

We collect guests  media which posted on instagram with campaign hashtag, and we collect their username and profile Picture whose social media account is not private.


How We Use Clients and Guests Information


We use the media that guests posted on instagram to able to print out it.

We use their username and profile Picture on booths screen to Show whose media is about to print.

We use their username to measure and get analytics of the hashtag campaign.


Sharing of Our Clients and Guests Information


We will not sell or rent any information of our clients and their guests.

We just share the hashtag campaigns analytics and report with our clients. The analytics and reports include medias and informations about the quantitiy of the medias that posted with campaign hashtag.


How We Store Our Clients and Guests Information


We collect and store the information we collect in our offline servers that protected in our facility.


How To Contact Us


If you have any question please contact us from


Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We may modify or update our Privacy Policy from time to time, so please review is periodically.

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